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Hydraulic Oil


A biodegradable, bio-based hydraulic oil formulated with the best optimized USA-grown natural seed oils that surpass the lubricity of most conventional oils. Particularly suited for use near water, in forestry and other environmentally sensitive areas.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduces wear through superior thin-film protection
  • Maintains stable viscosity through wide operating temperature range
  • Protects all ferrous metal components from rust and corrosion
  • Has superior flash and fire points for increased safety
  • Mostly benign when released into the environment
  • Good seal compatibility
  • Meets USDA’s biobased product definition for Executive Order 13101
  • Conforms to EPA’s EPP criteria
  • Conforms to State of Iowa SF 2249-Purchasing Preference for Biobased Lubricants
  • Made from renewable USA-grown crop-based vegetable oils

For bulk or wholesale orders in 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes, please call 844-606-9558

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